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How to Commercialize your Intellectual Property from the Industry's Perspective.

Educating the postgraduates, researchers and PH.D students at the National University of Malaysia (UKM) at INBIOSIS on the steps need to be taken to commercialize their IPs. From the industry's perspective, there are 4 main methods of commercialization, i.e. Joint Venture, Assignment, Licensing and Franchising. However, for Research Universities (RU) there are other possible collaboration within the multi-discipline faculty and with other RU universities. From 2008's data the number of commercialized IPs is very low compared to number of IPs owned by universities. Universities need to approach the industries and offer their research skills and human power to have a win-win benefit. And not to forget - get a proper legal advice on the confidentiality and right of use of their respective IPs.

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