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What is solar cell device?

   A solar cell device converts energy from sun to electricity. A solar cell device is arranged in arrays to form module, known as a solar panel. A major player for the bulk material of solar cell is known as silicon. The figure shows solar cell life which starts with poly-silicon as raw material, growing Silicon using Czhochralksi method, and downstream module installation (solar panel on your roof top or solar field). 

   Not all silicon defects are harmful to a solar cell device. Every solar cell device manufacturer has their unique solar cell processing as with every Silicon Czhoralski crystal grower. There is no global standard operating procedure to grow the perfect crystal for all solar cell device maker. It should not be.  

   For a silicon defect testing lab or any metrology lab, it is critical to provide 1) reliable results and 2) consistent results. Without these two components, process engineer (silicon crystal grower engineer, solar engineer and Semiconductor engineer) are not able to move forward to produce a high-yield efficiency.

   It is an advantage to both silicon crystal growth company and device maker company to establish a solid test lab, to know what silicon defect matters and to understand the process interaction between silicon and the device.

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