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Our Team

Maslina Silicon 81.jpg
Maslina Othman, Ph.D.
Principal Consultant

Skills: Silicon, defect characterization, semiconductor, solar.

Dr. Othman is a high-performance, consultative R&D leader with global experience in semiconductor, solar, silicon wafer design, metrology and remote sensing satellite. She worked with MEMC/SunEdison (now GlobalWafers), Total seconded to SunPower and First Solar all with respective HQ/R&D office in the United States of America. Dr. Othman has performed technical, complex, academic research of microwave and optical remote sensing for NASA and Canadian Space Agency. Offering repeated success transferring technology from R&D to manufacturing, advancing existing R&D characterization platforms and to fit commercialization for Fortune 500 companies. Dr. Othman has first-hand experience assessing more than 14 solar companies technology capabilities, including Longi (China), AUO (Taiwan), WoongJin Energy (S.Korea), Comtec (China), Wacker (Germany), Norsun (Norway), Zhong Huan (China) and more.  She identified the best solar suppliers for 100MW capacity.  She has experience working at international level with more than 13 countries. 

Currently Dr. Othman is a SEMI standard program member reviewing international standard operating procedure for semiconductor and solar industries emphasize in test method and silicon. Dr. Othman obtained her Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Electrical Enginering (Honors) all from University of Missouri, United States of America.

Shan Daroczi

Skills: Solar PV, module, solar module reliability, R&D

Shan Daroczi has worked in the solar industry for several decades.  He specializes in photovoltaic R&D and product development.  He brought several solar modules from concept, through design, materials selection, prototyping, and into volume production.

He has worked with various cell architectures, contact grids, and interconnect systems for crystalline silicon, thin film, and III-V cells.  He has also worked on different module technology including shingled cells, double glass, bifacial, flexible, and roof tiles.  He has expertise with cell interconnection, bussing, frame design, encapsulants, and lamination.

Mr. Daroczi has also done field installation and inspection of solar panels, and worked on reliability testing, failure analysis, as well as manufacturing and supplier quality.  He has also managed the certification of panels to UL and IEC standards.  He has designed and built tooling for manufacturing, inspection, and test.  He extensively collaborated with suppliers, contract manufacturers, and customers.

Mr. Daroczi received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from California Polytechnic State University.

Mark Ferraro_Othmanandpartners_consultan
Mark Ferraro, MSCE

Skills: Off-grid solar, battery, storage, satellite, military. 

Mark Ferraro has over 25 years of experience on numerous Design, Fabrication, Process and Systems Engineering Projects at Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center (LMATC) in Palo Alto, California. Mr. Ferraro areas of expertise involve spacecraft and missile power storage systems where he conducted tests on battery packs and cells under accelerated life cycle and environmental conditions.  He was specifically involved in programs for the NASA Hubble Servicing Mission and Army, Navy, and Air Force SATCOM programs battery model development.  He also conductor FMEA for Silver Zinc, AGM Lead Acid, Nickel Hydrogen, and Lithium Ion cells batteries that is used for solar in satellite and military application.  He lead the decommissioning and transportation of the facility.


Mr. Ferraro also has significant experience involved in energetics for SRM propulsion / guidance systems and underwater launch systems for the US Navy.  This also included on program systems engineering for the Strategic Defense Systems Initiative THAAD, KEI, MKV and ABL.  This work included design of a chemical processing facility in Kazakhstan to retire Russian Offensive SRMs developing an LMATC combustion chamber simulation and design.

Mr. Ferraro is working with off-grid utility solar power storage systems and power storage systems for a variety of applications.  He continues to consult aerospace on CubeSat systems. Mr. Mark Ferraro received his BSE at Purdue University and Master of Science in Chemical Engineering at University of Missouri, United States of America and he is certified in Project Management.

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