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The unwritten challenges in relocating foreign high-tech businesses abroad.

Today Friday 6/5/2020, Government of Malaysia has just announced economic stimulus package worth of $8.2B. The Government listed 43 bullet points in the form of infographic on how they will spend the money. Among all, promoting international companies to relocate their businesses to Malaysia with lots of incentive including tax exemption for 15 years.

One may think, what is so difficult of transferring business (technology) to a country such Malaysia where most people speak English. One must know, language is not the only barriers in transferring technology. One must know, with every country comes different culture and way of working. There is no such thing as one technology transfer technique to fit all countries. You have to strategize and build the technique differently in order to be successful.

Even with all the incentives that the Government of Malaysia is handing out to you to relocate your manufacturing as well as your R&D processes and facilities to Malaysia:-

Will that be the key matrix for the success of your R&D processes to be brought to life here in Malaysia?

Whilst there have successful set up in the past, I must admit that I’ve seen my fair share of foreign investor in high-tech set up that fail in bringing their R&D product to life here in Malaysia. I’ve listened to c omplains from expats who are frustrated in bringing up their product here.

What is your story in transferring technology abroad?

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