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Techniques for success in rolling-over R&D Products/Processes in Manufacturing Environment

Once you created R&D framework it is time for you to roll over to manufacturing. That bring us up to the next part which is the challenges in scaling-up R&D process to manufacturing. R&D and manufacturing have a various advantages and disadvantages and also various process challenges. For R&D money is not a major focus. They can use any chemical they want, they can use high grade purity. They can have one tech that focus on one process step and they can pay highly skilled technician but manufacturing on the other hand, money is their focus. Because of this limitation, they are not able to access any high grade chemicals and even one technician, the technician will have to work on multiple process and on top of that they have to pay lower level by hiring a lower pay operator. And in manufacturing there will be multiple tool. This multiple tool will have tool-to-tool variation which means process variation is high then you can have inconsistent product.

For all R&D scientist and engineers that reading this. You need to think ahead. You need to think that if you create a product using the best scenarios but not thinking the limitation what manufacturing have. Then it will be difficult to roll over your product. When you designed a product you have to make your process window larger. So that when it goes to the manufacturing environment it can be robust and your product can survive in the manufacturing environment.

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