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Introduction to solar photovoltaic (PV): Knowing your solar panel Module 1.0

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

We successfully held our first training in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, title “Introduction to solar photovoltaic (PV): Knowing your solar panel Module 1.0”. By the time our participants completed the training, they learnt:

  • Silicon crystal growth, wafering, silicon solar cell architecture, hence different type of solar panel and system.

  • The ‘beauty’ of sun power in Malaysia.

  • The ‘evil side’ of solar panels in Malaysia.

  • 11 mistakes in solar installation, and not to repeat the same mistakes.

Participants come from various background such as TNB (electrical utilities company in Malaysia), engineers, IT, engineering students and solar business owner. We are overwhelmed by several participants who travelled 500km (300miles) away to attend this training.

Thanks to our participants with different skills and experiences, we had a great opportunity to exchange knowledge among us.

Thank you to all. Looking forward to meet again in the next module.

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