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Intellectual Property talk at The National University of Malaysia (UKM)

30th November 2018

We had the opportunity to share our Intellectual Property knowledge with the Institute of System Biology (INBIOSIS), The National University of Malaysia/Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) invited by Associate Professor Dr Syarul Nataqain Binti Baharum ( The attendees were professors, researchers and graduate students in bio tech.

Both of us had presented our own topics on Patent and Trademark respectively from a scientist view and a legal practitioner’s view (

We encourage our audience to actively involved in IP and to start drafting their own patent. For a patent to be granted it does not mean that they need to invent entirely a brand new product. An inventor, must know how to draft a patent because we want the technology to grow. We do not want other people to re-invent the wheel. In a nutshell, our take home are:

• Scientist to learn what and why Intellectual Property is important.

• To understand your exclusive right as a patent owner, where you can sell or license out your patent to others.

• Important to understand the legal requirements for claims inventions: Novelty, Inventive Steps and Industrial Applications.

• To learn claims category and foundation to write a patent.

• Imperative to know who has the right to a patent based on case study and Malaysian Patent Act.

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