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Energy seminar in Standford University-and now the sounds of forest can be heard.

Energy seminar at Standford University titled “The native American reservation electricity gap; the Yurok tribe’s trailblazing leadership to provide energy access and energy justice.” Speakers were sharing challenges to have infrastructure access on Native American reservation.

The Native American reservation needs basic electricity, internet and telephone. Solar renewable energy only is not sufficient to support reservation. Forest often shady where certain part will only get solar energy for 1 hour per day. Micro hydroelectric energy only is not sufficient due to draught season. In order to use renewable energy, 3 different renewable energy sources are needed to survive throughout the year. Because of that, utilities grids need to be connected from power utilities company. The challenges came when states and federal policies did not adequately consider unserved areas including Native American reservation. The speakers went out of their way to have the utilities grids installed and connected.

No more loud noises from generators and now the sounds of forest can be heard.

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