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Another success Professional Solar Training in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Another professional solar training successfully held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, title “Introduction to solar photovoltaic (PV): Knowing your solar panel Module 1.0”.

This is a comprehensive technical solar training session where participants learnt about:

1. Silicon crystal growth, wafering, silicon solar cell architecture, hence different type of solar panel and system.

2. Physics behind solar panel.

3. The characteristic of sun power.

4. The ‘evil side’ of solar panels in Malaysia.

5. Calculation your solar systems based on your unique power usage.

6. 11 mistakes in solar installation, and not to repeat the same mistakes.

It is very exciting to see participants from 4 group of talents including professionals, business owner and students. 3 participants even travel as far as 200km (125 miles) away to attend our professional technical solar training.

Thank you again to all participants. And wish you best of luck for your next adventure. See you in our next solar training module.

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