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5 tips to know your solar panel

How to differentiate between mono panel and multi panel. Multi-panel is also known as poly-panel, however poly-silicon is the raw material to made mono and multi silicon solar panel. Therefore, to avoid confusion we will address the poly solar panel as multi solar panel.

Now we have taken care of the terminology. What are the 5 tips to differentiate mono-si and multi-si solar panel. First take a close look at your solar panel. In your solar panel you will see a “square” which is connected in series. That one square is one solar cell.

Tips #1: mono and multi panel can’t be differentiate with colors.

Tips #2: If the solar cell is a square, with sharp corners (most likely it is mono-si)

Tips #3: If the solar cell is pseudo-square, with round of edges. It is multi-si.

Tips #4: If pseudo-square cell is one uniform colors. It is mono-si. If it has blotches of various colors in various shape with sharp edges. It is multi-si. The square cell has much apparent various tonation blue colors, with various shape and sharp edges (it is multi-si).

Tips #5: If you zoom out one of the shapes with sharp edges, you may see a very fine lines in parallel. This is the indication of multi-silicon.

Now you know how to spot a multi-panel or mono-panel!

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