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4 main advantages/disadvantages between mono-si and poly-si

To learn the advantages and disadvantages between mono-silicon crystalline and multi-silicon crystalline, one must know how it is made. Mono silicon is made through a single crystal growing method called Czhoralslki, creating a single crystal silicon, hence higher silicon qualities. Whereas, to create multi-silicon are much simpler process, as if baking a cake creating silicon from fragments of crystal.

These fragments have grain boundaries, which leads to impurities gettering, hence low lifetime, low efficiency, low power. This is why within same area coverage, multi panel will give less power than mono panel. Due to impurities in the silicon, multi-panel tends to have higher failure rate and low life span. Since, it is much complex to grow mono-si compared to multi the cost for mono is much more expensive than multi.

At the end, it is up to the user, how do you want to spend your money at? Will you spend money for better qualities material where you can just use smaller area for your solar system and use less metal racking, less pollution? I would. At the end of the day…have a conscious to be green.

Be the leader.

“Be Smart, Know Your Solar Panel, and Save More Money”

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