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We are professional solar consultant, experts in technology transfer from the USA to Asia, experts in silicon crystal defect characterization platform for solar and semiconductor purposes. 

We know that you are eager to have your own solar projects. We know that it takes a lot of money to invest in the projects, and we know that the complexity of solar projects can be frustrated. It is our job to save your frustration by educating you in understanding the solar projects and utilising your solar projects to the maximum. Hence, save you more money!

Be Smart, Know Your Solar, Save More Money


Solar | R&D | Engineering Solutions Provider

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Dr. NorKasmani Aziz

Dr Maslina is very knowledgeable, delivered very attractive presentation and have two-way communication which good in understanding the topic discussed. A lot of information received regarding solar panel industry. The presented information is usable to me to more aware about the development of solar panel indusrtry and fundamental behind that.

Abdul Muin Bin Shaari, Business Owner

Highly recommend this Solar Photovoltaic training course to others. 

Dr. Mira, Researcher

I definitely will recommend this training course to others. I understand more and deepen my knowledge towards the technical of solar cell. I will used the new gained information.  Dr. Maslina (main presenter) interact with the audience and give complete explanation on all the question ask by the audience.


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